THE D- Disease with no cure

All Independent girls want is a less demanding guy, even when they are afraid to admit it,

‘A’ students do occasionally succumb to the D, Degree and Diploma are no different,

Yaani all ABC’s of life are all about the D,

I’m not chauvinistic; am actually deploying the dudes to practice the same decency they treated the lady with the day they first met,

The same dignity when you first complemented her on her dimples,

Or how your texts even with distance, conveyed your love/like for her,

However, after kuzama six-inch deep,

Yaani after sealing the deal, please don’t be a d***,

Treat her with same demeanor as you treated her before,

Be ready to sit and discuss your issues and feelings and clear out the air if it was a one-night stand

Ladies tend to get attached, feelings do develop,

Men, funnily, describe themselves as OK and go on to deceive another but still end up crying in their beds six months later,

Finally, if at all you leave your DNA, be ready to be a daddy: shit happens as we all know. Divide responsibility and it will always work out.

Am not kidding when I say the D is very important and too crucial for someone to joke around.

                         This one was for you LADIES and GENTLEMEN.


PS: If you haven’t noted, there is a joke in line 10. Sit and discuss about a one-night stand. I hope you get it now. And also, The D Part two is coming soon. 😂😂😂





In accordance to the interview by Nina Dobrev, the Vampire Diaries cast has been suspended temporarily because of inadequacy concerns. There is quite sufficient piece of evidence piece to quip that it is not easy to film in addition to the filming costs which are exorbitant. Furthermore, the green screens are damaged which ended their partnership with CW studios. The cast will therefore be paid their dividends as a send-off package for not filming Season 9 of the popular TV show. The cancellation came as both as a relief and pain for die-hard fans who have been loyal to the show for over 8 years. Fans however got to enjoy The Originals, a vampire diaries spinoff and Legacies, which comes as the latter’s spinoff. The Originals’ cruise is however also heading to a ditch because of creativity concerns which is termed as a “Producer’s block” by writer and producer, Julie Plec. We do hope however that The Originals makes it to the 7th season before we are ready to say goodbye.

Legacies focuses on Klaus’ daughter, Hope Michaelson, growing up and is faced with lots of problems. Being a ‘tribrid’, she is undergoing all the transformations from changing into wolf on full moons to blood lust and the witches call from the ancestors. She is also feeling the call of adolescence as she starts to develop feelings for a local town boy. If all these are not enough to handle, she is in a school of Young and Gifted children. She is with Alaric’s children, the Gemini twins, among other children. This will for sure be an interesting story if only Julie does it right. Given the chance, I think legacies can make it to more than 8 seasons since the cast has began when it’s so young just like Vampire Diaries. In as much as Originals is currently the best of the three, it seems its story getting more lackluster by the years and we will have to turn our attention to the fresh Legacies.

Still don’t know about Legacies, don’t worry, Episode one will air on the 25th of October. You can still catch up and enjoy.